Discover How Ordinary People All Over The World Are Becoming Immune To Everyday Health Problems AND Dropping Excess Body Fat..
All While Eating Great Food and Enjoying A Lifestyle change!
It's Time For You To Make A Change!
Hi there,

I’m Joe Searle, nutrition and fitness coach, and I’d like to say a big thanks for making it to this page! You’re about to learn how you can stay lean, get ripped, look five to ten years younger, and supercharge your immune system to fight disease— naturally— by harnessing the ancient wisdom our Paleo ancestors knew.


By getting back to basics and resetting your body’s natural rhythms with…


Is that spare tire getting you down? Would you like to take five to ten years off your appearance? Do you sometimes wonder where the flat tummy or six pack abs of your youth went?

You can get them back.

I know, I know, I’m just another huckster trying to sell you something. Well yes, I am trying to sell you something because I need to make a living too— but here’s the thing.

Yes I want to make money. But I also know what I’m offering you works.

I’ve spent years coaching hundreds of my private clients to better health, stamina, and fitness using the same unique blueprint.

I know this plan is all you need to transform your body, mind, and health. I know you won’t need to waste any more of your hard earned cash on ineffective diet and fitness regimes once you start following my blueprint.

What I am offering you is an investment in your health and well being. And yes, I do feel that’s worth paying a small amount for.

Just as you wouldn’t mind paying for a nice haircut to groom yourself, or for health insurance to get the medical care you need, or for a nice home for you and your loved ones.

I have used my expertise, experience, and years of research to create what I know is a truly revolutionary health and fitness plan.

That has to be worth something.

But please, don’t just take my word for it. Listen to others who have already tried the plan for themselves.

Melissa Ferguson,
Owner Of Lissy Hair and Beauty
"I've had some incredible results with this programme and its so easy to follow, there's no faffing around!"
What Is The Natural Body Blueprint?
In a nutshell it’s a three strand, step-by-step plan that will literally change your life, health, mindset, physique, and looks!

The Natural Body Blueprint is not just "another diet" or exercise regime. This is my unique system, a literal "blueprint" I’ve spent years creating, crafting and honing.

A plan, specifically designed to help you make a MAJOR lifestyle shift.

Follow it and you will see lasting change that will totally transform the way your body looks and feels.

This is a plan that’s easy to implement QUICKLY every day without you ever having to feel deprived.

How Does It Work?
My powerhouse plan takes a triple pronged approach using three golden keys of change. It starts from the basic principle that what we eat and what we do repeatedly has the power to change our quality of life.

These three golden keys are:


I’m going to introduce you to the primal you, to the natural you. To the new you. I’m going to do all this through easy, actionable steps that will implement real, lasting change in your diet, fitness, and well being.

With this plan you’ll make genuine change that sticks around – not temporary change like the kind requiring willpower to refrain from bingeing on junk food. 

Once you reset your body’s system and natural rhythms using my plan, you won’t need willpower at all—all you’ll have to do is let our body do what it naturally wants to.

Does It Actually Work or Is It Just Marketing Spin?

It really works.

I’ll let you into a secret, I actually hate marketing hype myself. I really do loathe shouting and the slick, cheesy sell of buy, buy, buy but I am also torn. Because I do want as many people as possible to know about what I’ve created.

So, to get the message out there, I’ve had to reluctantly learn to market myself. Because I truly believe more people should know about this.


I know this plan can effect positive change in your personal fitness, I know it can make you leaner, sleeker, and stronger, and I know it can give you an improved immune system that can fight off infections more effectively.

I know it will imbue you with vitality, energy, and sexual stamina, and I am 100% convinced it can revitalise your skin, hair, posture, and health too.

I know all this because I’ve tried it myself and so have hundreds of my satisfied clients.

The reason all modern diets and work out regimes and have failed is they work against your body, not with it.

THE NATURAL BODY BLUEPRINT is different. It’s highly effective and easy to follow because your body actually craves to be fed this way. It craves to perform certain movements, to flex certain muscle groups in particular ways and combinations.

Your body won’t fight THE NATURAL BODY BLUEPRINT because it wants to follow this plan, it’s the plan you were always meant to follow!

And once you do start following it I guarantee you’ll feel and see a dramatic difference both mentally and physically – FAST!

Once you start following my plan, exercising the way nature intended, and eating and preparing all the delicious foods I recommend, you’ll soon find your body doesn’t crave the empty calories from junk and processed foods anymore.

You will enjoy a leaner, sleeker body and muscle definition that you never thought possible.

You won’t need willpower when you follow THE NATURAL BODY BLUEPRINT – and start eating and working out the way you were meant to.

Not only that, but the unique combination of Paleo foods and special exercises cause a remarkable change in your body’s function, revving up everything and giving you …

Energy – once you start enjoying supercharged vitality – you’ll never want to go back!
Stamina – because you’ll be eating the foods we were always meant to eat
Better health – due to the improved immune system function the plan imparts
Improved appearance – I’m not kidding when I say The Natural Blueprint can take years off!
The modern lifestyle and standard recommended diet is not only making us fat, passive, and lazy, it's LITERALLY KILLING US!

Harmful and disease causing foods are being consumed en mass.

Ineffective workouts are doing nothing to help and are even harmful, causing strains, pain and injury.

Worse still, by refusing to address a major part of the equation – our mindset – most diet or exercise regimes are doomed to failure from the start.

But the great thing about being alive and being human is it’s never too late.

It’s never too late to reset your health, reset your thinking, and rev up your body’s natural, fat burning system

And you can do this simply by changing three things:

Your diet
Your exercise regime
Your mental approach
I’m taking a fresh approach using this three pronged attack plan, cutting edge research, and some good old fashioned ancient wisdom.

The Natural Body Blueprint fuses bang-up-to-date scientific research with proven principles derived from the eating, and exercise habits of our Paleolithic ancestors. 

Not only that, my plan will also prime your brain so that you are always in the right mindset.
You’re going to learn how to embrace your primal instincts – in a good way. 

And I promise you, you’re going to LOVE the entire process!

What Are The Exact Benefits of Following My Plan?
The Natural Body Blueprint is unique knowledge. You can’t get this knowledge anywhere else.

You might be able to get some of it but you can’t get all of it in one place, and certainly you won’t get it presented in an actionable way that you can so easily implement.

And without the correct information you need to start living primal, without the input of an experienced Paleo nutrition and fitness professional like myself, you can’t expect to see real, lasting change.

That’s the main benefit of my plan and why it works so well.

I’ve specifically designed my plan to quickly give you the core knowledge you need to succeed in a FAST, simple, step-by-step blueprint of action.

In just 90 days, you will be living as healthily as our ancestors did. In 90 days you will be living the primal lifestyle.

Here Are The Benefits You Will See In Just 90 Days..
  • • Sustained fat loss in all areas of the body – get leaner, more defined and sleeker
  • • Dramatically increased levels of energy throughout the day
  • • Less cold's and viruses because of a strengthened immune system
  • • Greater muscular strength and power
  • • A younger looking appearance with healthier skin and hair
  • • Stronger bones and joints, and a reduction in join pain
  • • Vastly improved cardiovascular fitness and overall endurance levels
  • • Significantly reduced stress levels and greatly improved mood!
  • • Increased sexual stamina and vitality
So What Exactly Do I Get?
I’ve agonised long and hard over the cost because I really wanted to make sure I was over-delivering. So to make a membership really worth your time and money, I’ve included tons of benefits that I am sure you’ll see are worth lots more than the relatively small monthly fee I’m asking for.
  •  12 Guided and coached Video HIIT workouts specifically designed to get maximum results in ONLY 15 minutes
  •  The entire blueprint for eating primal including the exact do's and don'ts broken down
  •  Delicious primal recipes you can make in 20 minutes or less!
  •  A Step By Step proven system to shift your mindset, so becoming and staying healthy is easy
  •  Access To my Private Coaching Community for support and guidance
  •  Cutting edge meal planning software which takes tracking your nutrition to another level
  •  A ton of other health and fitness tools to living the primal lifestyle even easier
  •  A quality product which has been built based on SCIENCE and solid, time-tested wisdom not the next B.S fad exercise and diet system!
  •  Weekly updated content, new workouts and recipes –so you never get bored!
So What's The Cost?
If I were to give you one of my personal 1 to 1 training settings, I’d charge £45.00 an hour. That’s the going rate for my private clients.

Once you add in the nutritional guidance and the meal planning software, which works out as £90.00... and also add 2 hours of my time to go through it all—over a 90 day period, the total amount would come to £630.00 alone.

And if you also factored in the exclusive personal training sessions I’ve created for you, and considered you’ll be using your HIIT training sessions 3 times per week, the price would come to £1890.00

Now I know for a fact this price point is nowhere near affordable for most people.

Only a select few of my private clients can afford to hire my expertise for one on one sessions like this.

But I don’t want just a select few people to know about the primal way of life. Call me boaster, or braggart, or whatever but I still want everyone to know about this.

That’s why I created an at home solution and why I priced this entire blueprint for just £19.99 per month… That's less than 70p a day, far less than the price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

I really do hope you’ll see all my hard work as worth less than the price of a cup of Joe (pardon the pun) every day.

Now I’m doing a bit of an experiment here but it’s something you can benefit from if you get in quick. 

To encourage sign ups I am offering the first 90 subscriptions at this price— £19.99. After that I’ll be able see there’s a clear demand, so the price will rise to £24.99.

With this limited time price I know I’m undercharging for what I’m offering but as I said, I want to encourage as many people to live primal as possible.

I want to create a movement that revolutionises health and fitness.

So if what I’ve talked about has resonated with you and you’d like to lock in this limited time launch price, use the Start My Natural Body Blueprint Button Below and start getting primal with me!

If you don’t want to go ahead right now, that's totally okay, I assume your knocking it out of the park already with your health and fitness.

I still thank you for taking the time to hear me out and I truly do hope you consider finding out more about the primal lifestyle in the future.

It’s a way of life I really believe in because I’ve experienced the vitality, energy, and improved health and physique living this way brings.

Here’s to your good health,

- Joe Searle
Founder of Peak Performance
Co-Founder of Natural Body Blueprint 

Copyright 2017 Peak Performance Wellness and Rehab - LTD - Natural Body Blueprint
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